The 61st Roton Point Multihull Regatta (and Shark Nationals) will be held at the Roton Point Association, in Rowayton, Connecticut, on September 18-20, 2021...

The regatta is open to all "beach" catamarans measuring less than 22 feet. We run separate starts for sufficient class registrations for one-design classes, plus an Open Class using Portsmouth handicap numbers. We also run a separate one-design class for Hobie Getaways, of which Roton Point has its own fleet for member use. We typically get entrants in the following classes:

  • F20s

  • F18s

  • A-Class

  • Hobie 21s

  • Hobie 18s

  • Hobie 16s

  • Hobie Getaways

  • "Other"

Facilities and
  • We have plenty of space to store boats overnight, and ample parking for cars, trailers, and RVs.

  • Tent camping is permitted free of charge in our beautifully treed Grove overlooking the Sound. In addition, this year, many Club members will open their homes to visiting competitors. And there are several nearby hotels for those who prefer.

  • Our Bathhouse has showers for men and women, with plenty of hot water, and the "Hotel" clubhouse has a large covered porch for our off-water festivities.

  • Breakfast is served to racers Saturday and Sunday mornings, with a variety of bag lunches and drinks available to take on board.

  • A highlight of the weekend will be our traditional Roton Point Multihull Regatta Steak Barbecue Dinner and Dance on Saturday night!

Multihull History
at Roton Point

Roton Point enjoys a proud history in promoting multihull sailing, exemplified by the regatta trophies and artifacts on display in the Roton Point "Hotel" clubhouse, including:

  • International Canoe Class 1959

  • "Little America's Cup" 1977-1980-1982-1985

  • World Contender Championships 1995

  • Hobie Alter Cup 2005-2007

  • Long Island Sound Pixel Championship 2011

  • Roton Point Multihull Regatta 1959-2018 and beyond!


Once home of an amusement park (1875-1941) known as the "prettiest park on Long Island Sound," Roton Point's greatest asset has always been its remarkable, 12-acre waterfront location. Our sailing bay is one of the best small-boat harbors on Long Island Sound; with a wooden ramp and motorized winch above a sandy beach protected by two breakwaters. [For those interested in Roton Point's amusement park days, there's a book published by Arcadia.]

  • You'll enjoy a wonderful fall weekend at one of the most beautiful venues in the northeast

  • You'll experience racing on one of the world's most famous sailing playgrounds, Long Island Sound

  • You'll meet and compete with some of the best cat racers around

  • You can race in any one of seven different classes

  • You can camp out in our beautiful Grove, or board with a local Roton Point member

  • You'll enjoy one of the best mid-regatta dinner/dance parties on the Sound

  • You'll join a unique fifty-nine-year tradition of multihull racing

  • Our earlier Sunday start time will get you on the road and home earlier


Every year, the Roton Point Multihull Regatta can only happen with the help and hard work of a wide variety of volunteers:

  • Charlie Janson, Commodore RPSA

  • Mike Levesque, PRO

  • Charlie Janson, Regatta Co-Chair

  • Denise Sellhausen, Regatta Co-Chair

  • Mike Smith, Race Chairman

  • George Mandler, Beach Captain

  • Rob Hammer, Vice Commodore RPSA

  • Cam Hutchins, Communications Chair

  • Caroline Robinson, Hospitality Chair

  • Chip Romans, Trophy and Award Chair

  • Bill Boulay, General Manager, Roton Point Club


“There's nothing like the Roton Point Multihull Regatta. Sailors, catamarans, fair winds, great food, entertainment, multihull racing history -- it all comes together at Roton Point every September. We hope you'll join us this year!" 

Charlie Janson, Commodore, RPSA

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